Translating LanguageTool

You can translate the LanguageTool user interface online at The English strings are downloaded automatically from github 3 times a day. If a new string appears, the completion status of all languages will be less than 100% so you can see that something needs to be translated. Your changes at webtranslateit will not appear immediately in LanguageTool, though. You need a developer setup with wti to get translations downloaded to your code immediately (using wti pull). If you don’t have one, the translations will be merged from webtranslateit before a release or earlier, if you ask on our forum.

As a developer, please also use and never commit to the property files directly (except the English one).

Note: some messages in LibreOffice/OpenOffice are supplied by translating two other files, Addons.xcu and description.xml. Translations for these files need to be checked in directly to git.

Whenever a new language is added, it needs to be added as a language at webtranslateit once (wti addlocale xx with xx being the language code). is still translated via Transifex.