Maven Tips

LanguageTool uses Maven 3.x. Here you will find some tips for building LanguageTool with Maven.

The Basics

You can build everything with this command, called in the top-level directory of where you checked out LanguageTool:

mvn clean package

The results (so-called artifacts in Maven lingo) can be found here:

If you’re not familiar with Maven, we suggest you always call Maven from the top-level directory. You can call it from most of the sub-directories, but then only that module will be built and other parts might be outdated.


These tips might help to make building faster:


If something doesn’t work, make sure you did mvn clean in the top-level directory of LT. This way remainders of old Maven runs will be deleted. If there are problems with dependencies, try this command:

mvn dependency:tree

It will show you the dependencies of the current project (i.e. the project whose directory you are currently in).