LanguageTool supports several languages to a different degree. This page lists the number of rules per language to give a very rough indication of how well a language is supported. If your language is not supported, see our three-minute introduction on writing error detection rules. Of course you're welcome to improve and add rules for the existing languages, too.

Rules in LanguageTool 5.6
Date: 2021-12-29

Language XML
Activity Rule Maintainers
Arabic 520BrowseXML1500Taha Zerrouki, Sohaib Afifi
Asturian 61BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Xesús González Rato
Belarusian 7BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Alex Buloichik
Breton 675BrowseXML300Dominique Pellé, Fulup Jakez
Variants for: Valencian
4370BrowseXML300171Ricard Roca, Jaume Ortolà
Chinese 1863BrowseXML100Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Tao Lin
Danish 78BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Esben Aaberg, Henrik Bendt
Variants for: Belgium
3251BrowseXML15284OpenTaal, TaalTik
Variants for: Australian, Canadian, GB, New Zealand, South African, US
5251BrowseXML48702263Mike Unwalla, Marcin Miłkowski, Daniel Naber
Esperanto 422BrowseXML100Dominique Pellé
French4206BrowseXML2015263Dominique Pellé
Galician 308BrowseXML700Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Susana Sotelo Docío, Tiago F. Santos (4.0-4.7)
Variants for: Austria, Germany, Swiss
3830BrowseXML6660231Jan Schreiber, Daniel Naber
Greek 55BrowseXML500Panagiotis Minos
Irish 1663BrowseXML1600Jim O'Regan, Emily Barnes, Mícheál J. Ó Meachair, Seanán Ó Coistín
Italian139BrowseXML300Paolo Bianchini
Japanese 734BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Takahiro Shinkai
Khmer 33BrowseXML500Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Nathan Wells
Persian 283BrowseXML700Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Reza1615, Alireza Eskandarpour Shoferi, Ebrahim Byagowi
Polish1474BrowseXML700Marcin Miłkowski
Variants for: Angola preAO, Brazil, Moçambique preAO, Portugal
2745BrowseXML370113Marco A.G. Pinto, Tiago F. Santos (3.6-4.7), Matheus Poletto (pt-BR)
Romanian 457BrowseXML300Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Ionuț Păduraru
Russian879BrowseXML172117Yakov Reztsov
Slovak 170BrowseXML101Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Zdenko Podobný
Slovenian 85BrowseXML001Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Martin Srebotnjak
Variants for: voseo
1195BrowseXML228130Juan Martorell, Jaume Ortolà
Swedish 26BrowseXML100Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Niklas Johansson
Tagalog 44BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Nathaniel Oco, Allan Borra
Tamil 210BrowseXML000Looking for maintainer -
previous maintainer: Elanjelian Venugopal
Ukrainian1009BrowseXML25021Andriy Rysin, Maksym Davydov

Also supported in the browser add-on and with spell checking only (no grammar checks): Norwegian

The number of Java rules listed is only the number of rules specific to that language. There are some rules that deal with punctuation and that apply to almost all languages. The "Activity" column counts the number of changes to the rules of that language in the last 6 months.