How to make a LanguageTool Release

This is our internal documentation for how to make a new release. This is only relevant to release managers. Also see Roadmap.

How to enter Feature Freeze

How to make a LanguageTool release

We build artifacts with Maven and upload them to with a script, where they can then be released on Maven Central. Note that this is independent of the *.zip and *.oxt files we release. If there’s a problem with the Sonatype-release for Maven Central (which is only relevant for Java developers), we can always make the release of the user artifacts (*.zip and *.oxt) and care about the other problems later.


Now we’re ready to create and upload the Maven artifacts. Details are at

Releasing the artifacts to Maven Central

Releasing the ZIP and OXT for end-users

After the Release

Update website

Write announcements

API Server Update

No action is needed, the API gets re-deployed every day with the latest snapshot by (unless there are test failures).

Update the web app at

Just update the LT dependencies in BuildConfig.groovy. Deployment happens automatically, the script does this automatically every day.

Backups and Misc

Not really related to a release, but should be done once in a while and the release is a good opportunity: